Class FaceletsAuthorizeTag

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      • FaceletsAuthorizeTag

        public FaceletsAuthorizeTag​(FaceletContext faceletContext,
                                    TagAttribute access,
                                    TagAttribute url,
                                    TagAttribute method,
                                    TagAttribute ifAllGranted,
                                    TagAttribute ifAnyGranted,
                                    TagAttribute ifNotGranted)
        A class constructor for use in a TagHandler. Accepts all possible tag attributes as TagAttribute instances. The constructor extracts the attribute values by evaluating them as Unified EL expressions. This excludes the access attribute, which is expected to be a Spring EL expression.
        faceletContext - the current FaceletContext
        access - the access attribute or null
        url - the url attribute or null
        method - the method attribute or null
        ifAllGranted - the ifAllGranted attribute or null
        ifAnyGranted - the ifAnyGranted attribute or null
        ifNotGranted - the ifNotGranted attribute or null
      • FaceletsAuthorizeTag

        public FaceletsAuthorizeTag()
        A default constructor. Callers of this constructor are responsible for setting one or more of the tag attributes in AbstractAuthorizeTag.